2018 Abstracts and Posters

All accepted abstracts for this Congress are published as a supplement to the Journal of the International AIDS Society.  Please click here to access the supplement.


PDFs of posters which were on display during the HIV Glasgow Congress are available below. Where there is no hyperlink to a poster, we are awaiting for a copy or confirmation from the presenter/submitter that they wish to include a PDF of their poster.

ARV-based Prevention
Treatment Strategies
Opportunistic Infections
Co-morbidities and Complications of Disease and/or Treatment
Viral Hepatitis
Clinical Pharmacology
Community Initiatives
Models of Care
Virology and Immunology

ARV-based Prevention

P001An analysis of congenital anomalies in pregnant women living with HIV in Canada: no signal for neural tube defects in women exposed to dolutegravir
Money, D*; Lee, T; Farjou, G; Brophy, J; Vaudry, W; Boucoiran, I; Singer, J; Kakkar, F; Bitnun, A; Sauve, L (Vancouver, Canada)

P002Use of integrase inhibitors in HIV-positive pregnant women: data from the Frankfurt HIV cohort
Weissmann, D*; De Leuw, P; Gute, P; Kann, G; Khaykin, P; Königs, C; Schüttfort, G; Stephan, C; Stücker, A; Wolf, T; Haberl, A (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

P003Successes and emerging challenges in prevention of vertical HIV transmission in the UK and Ireland
Peters, H*; Sconza, R; Francis, K; Horn, A; Thorne, C (London, UK)

P004Exposure to dolutegravir in pregnant HIV-positive women in Central and Eastern Europe and neighbouring countries: data from the ECEE Network Group
Kowalska, J*; Gökengin, D; Aho, I; Yildirim, F; Bukovinova, P; Papadopoulos, A; Sedlacek, D (Warsaw, Poland)

P005HCV co-infection is a strong risk factor for preterm birth among HIV-positive women on cART: data from a HIV outpatient clinic in Warsaw
Nowicka, K*; Wroblewska, A; Kalinowska, M; Byczot, Z; Firląg-Burkacka, E; Marczyńska, M; Kowalska, J (Warsaw, Poland)

P006Impact of interventions on the uptake of antiretroviral therapy before pregnancy and prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: findings from four scale-up local government areas of Lagos, Nigeria
Akeju, O*; Agbebaku, W; Badru, T; Orisayomi, S; Ajayi, N; James, E; Adegbite, O; Odusolu, B; Oladele, E; Khamofu, H (Abuja, Nigeria)

P007Elimination of paediatric HIV in New York City, 2007–2018: missed chances to prevent mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) in the era of U=U
Beckerman, K* (New York, USA)

P008Efficiency of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in Odessa Regional Hospital, Ukraine
Lopatina, Y*; Kovalenko, Y; Chuykov, A; Tyapkin, G; Esipenko, S; Kvasnevska, Y; Davies, A; Zakowicz, A (Kiev, Ukraine)

P010Generic tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and emtricitabine tablets obtained from the internet: are they what they say they are?
Wang, X; Nutland, W; Brady, M; Green, I; McClure, M; Boffito, M* (London, UK)

P011Geographical barriers result in HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis discontinuation: how to improve retention in care
Greenwald, Z; Card, K; Niaki, N*Lachowsky, N; Thomas, R (Montreal, Canada)

P012The HIV continuum of care in Austria from 2010 to 2016: data and challenges
Leierer, G; van Sighem, A; Rieger, A; Schmied, B; Sarcletti, M; Öllinger, A; Haas, B; Egle, A; Rappold, M; Zangerle, R* (Innsbruck, Austria)

P013Behavioural, psychological and network characteristics of MSM eligible for PrEP enrolled by respondent-driven sampling network strategy
Psichogiou, M*; Papadopoulou, M; Chanos, S; Sypsa, V; Roussos, S; Paraskevis, D; Dedes, N; Daikos, G; Schneider, J; Hatzakis, A (Athens, Greece)

P014Modelling of PrEP implementation among PWID in the Russian Federation and ARV cost savings
Kaminskiy, G*; Testov, V; Levina, N; Samoilova, A; Vasilyeva, I (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P015‘The PrEP You Want’: a web-based survey of online shopping and border crossing for HIV prophylaxis medications
Walmsley, B*; Gallant, D; Naccarato, M; Hull, M; Smith, A; Tan, D (Toronto, Canada)

P016High-risk MSM are switching from PEP to PrEP
Mahir, G; El-Koubani, O; Devitt, E; Gedela, K; McCormack, S; McOwan, A; Nwokolo, N; Patel, S; Suchak, T; Whitlock, G* (London, UK)

P017Sexual mixing and HIV risk among Greek men who have sex with men: results from SOPHOCLES
Bowman, B*; Schneider, J; Paraskevis, D; Hatzakis, A; Chanos, S; Psichogyiou, M; Papadopoulou, M; Khanna, A; Sypsa, V (Chicago, USA)

P018Has the introduction of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) impacted on HIV post-exposure prophylaxis for sexual exposure (PEPSE) prescriptions in MSM in Greater Glasgow and Clyde?
Gillespie, L*; Lowrie, M; Metcalfe, R (Glasgow, UK)

P019Adherence of MSM participating in a partially self-financed pilot PrEP project and its association with behavioural risk profiles
Kwan, T; Wong, N; Lui, G; Lee, K; Lee, S* (Hong Kong, China)

P020HIV-related stigma, motivation to adhere to ART, and ART adherence among HIV-infected methadone-maintained patients
Shrestha, R*; Altice, F; Copenhaver, M (Storrs, USA)

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Treatment Strategies

P021Two-drug regimen of dolutegravir plus lamivudine (DTG+3TC) is non-inferior to dolutegravir plus tenofovir/emtricitabine (DTG+TDF/FTC) at 48 weeks in antiretroviral treatment-naïve adults with HIV-1 infection: subgroup analyses in the GEMINI studies
Orkin, C*; Porteiro, N; Berhe, M; Dretler, R; Viciana, P; Tseng, Y; Oprea, C; Johnson, M; Kulagin, V; Man, C; Sievers, J; Currie, A; Underwood, M; Tenorio, A; Pappa, K; Wynne, B; Aboud, M; Smith, K; Gartland, M (London, UK)

P022Cerebrospinal fluid exposure of cenicriviroc in HIV-positive individuals with cognitive impairment
Alagaratnam, J*; Else, L; Dilly Penchala, S; Challenger, E; Legg, K; Petersen, C; Jones, B; Kulasegaram, R; Seyedkazemi, S; Lefebvre, E; Khoo, S; Winston, A (London, UK)

P025Pharmacokinetics of MK-8591, dolutegravir and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate are not altered after coadministration when compared to single agent administration
Rudd, D*; Zhang, S; Fillgrove, K; Fox-Bosetti, S; Matthews, R; Friedman, E; Armas, D; Stoch, S; Iwamoto, M (Kenilworth, NJ, USA)

P026‘Treatment access cascades’: effects of viral load, resistance testing and safety in pregnancy on access to dolutegravir in low- and middle-income countries
Levi, J*; Clayden, P; Hill, A (London, UK)

P027Patient and provider experience of using dolutegravir in resource-limited settings: acceptability findings from Uganda and Nigeria
Campbell, J*; Amamilo, I; Nabitaka, V; Abudiore, O; Nawaggi, P; Eigege, W; Magambo, K; Conroy, J; Harwell, J; Middlecote, C; Amole, C; Akanmu, S; Agbaji, O; Abah, J; Anweh, D; Musinguzi, J (Boston, USA)

P029Management of sexual health in HIV-infected patients: a cross-sectional survey among Dutch internist infectiologists and HIV nurses
de Munnik, S*; Kraan, L; Ammerlaan, H; de Wit, J; Kok, G; Grondhuis, L; den Daas, C (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

P030Cumulative safety review of elvitegravir and bictegravir use during pregnancy and risk of neural tube defects
Farrow, T*; Deaton, C; Nguyen, N; Muramoto, D; van Troostenburg, A; Ng, L; Liu, L; Martin, H; Das, M; Quirk, E (Foster City, USA)

P031Rates of pregnancy and preterm birth in Central/Eastern Europe and neighbouring countries: data from the ECEE Network Group
Kowalska, J* (Warsaw, Poland)

P032Live births, and spontaneous and induced abortions in the Swiss HIV cohort study (SHCS): which factors may predict pregnancy outcomes?
Hachfeld, A*; Atkinson, A; Calmy, A; Martinez de Tejada, B; Hasse, B; Paioni, P; Kahlert, C; Boillat-Blanco, N; Stoeckle, M; Aebi-Popp, K (Bern, Switzerland)

P033A shift in the risk factors of women diagnosed with HIV-1 in Israel
Olshtain-Pops, K*; Mor, O (Jerusalem, Israel)

P034Assessment of the acceptability and swallowability of darunavir-containing fixed-dose combination (FDC) tablets in HIV-1-infected adolescents, using matching placebo tablets
Crauwels, H*; Kurland, D; Chetty, P; Opsomer, M; Vanveggel, S (Beerse, Belgium)

P035NRTI long-term mitochondrial side effects in a paediatric HIV population: simplified therapy is a solution
Bernardi, S*; Leone, F; Tchidjou KH; Zangari, P; Polti, G; Palma, P; Palandri, L; Bertoli, A (Rome, Italy)

P037Molecular analysis of HIV-1 subtype A1 and B dispersal patterns of persons with late presentation and advanced disease in Greece
Kostaki, E*; Pantazis, N; Gargalianos, P; Xylomenos, G; Chini, M; Mangafas, N; Metallidis, G; Tsachouridou, O; Skoutelis, A; Papastamopoulos, V; Chatzidimitriou, D; Kakalou, E; Antoniadou, A; Papadopoulos, A; Psichogiou, M; Daikos, G; Gova, M; Limneos, S; Paraskeva, D; Pilalas, D; Chrysos, G; Paparizos, V; Kourkounti, S; Sambatakou, H; Sipsas, N; Lada, M; Panagopoulos, P; Maltezos, E; Drimis, S; Hatzakis, A; Skoura, L; Lazanas, M; Touloumi, G; Paraskevis, D (Athens, Greece)

P038Missed opportunities for HIV and viral hepatitis testing in the Danish healthcare system
Raben, D*; Peters, L; Cowan, S; Jakobsen, M; Mocroft, A (Copenhagen, Denmark)

P039Prevalence of chronic and acute HIV infection among febrile adults attending emergency departments in urban Tanzania
Boillat-Blanco, N*; Mbarack, Z; Samaka, J; Mlaganile, T; Mamin, A; Genton, B; Kaiser, L; D’Acremont, V (Lausanne, Switzerland)

P040Evaluation of a training programme on HIV for primary care providers: impact on knowledge, barriers to HIV testing, screening rates and late diagnosis
Martínez-Sanz, J; Muriel, A; Loza, E; Uranga, A; Gómez-Ayerbe, C; Vivancos Gallego, M; Sánchez Conde, M; Calonge, M; Reyes Madridejos, C; del Campo Terrón, S; Sánchez, A; Merino Alejandre, M; Menéndez Alonso, E; Martínez Fuente, L; Seller Ripoll, M; Collada Holguera, G; Díaz Sánchez, J; Fuster, M; Galindo, M; Pérez-Elías, M* (Madrid, Spain)

P041Delayed linkage to HIV care among refugee late presenters in Montreal, Canada
Linthwaite, B; Klein, M; Lebouché, B; Cox, J; Frenette, C; Costiniuk, C; Kronfli, N* (Montreal, Canada)

P042A prospective, randomised trial on abacavir/lamivudine plus darunavir/r or raltegravir in patients with CD4+ <200 cells/uL (PRADAR study)
Mussini, C*; Roncaglia, E; Sighinolfi, L; Nozza, S; Catellan, A; Bonfanti, P; Palvarini, L; Castelli, F; Di Biagio, A; Maggiolo, F (Modena, Italy)

P043Impact of a training project for primary healthcare providers (FOCO project) in HIV screening and HIV late diagnosis
Pérez Elías, M*; Sampériz, G; Dalmau, D; Romero, A; de la Fuente, B; de los Santos, I; Lopez, J; Arazo, P; Estrada, V; Lozano, F; Pastor, M; Ocampo, A; Arrillaga, A; Fuster-Ruizdeapodaca, M; Galindo, M (Madrid, Spain)

P044Late HIV diagnosis: identifying missed opportunities for HIV testing in North East England
Horsley Downie, J; Pegler, M; Price, A*; Hardwick, T; Premchand, N; Widdrington, J; Chadwick, D (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

P045Missed opportunities for earlier diagnosis of HIV in patients who presented with advanced HIV infection in a country where the new HIV infection rate is rising, Turkey
Avcı, K; Yeşilbağ, Z; Şenoğlu, S; Bold, N; Altuntaş Aydın, Ö*; Kumbasar Karaosmanoğlu, H (Istanbul, Turkey)

P046Long-term survivors in a cohort of HIV-positive patients diagnosed between 1985 and 1992: predictive factors associated with more than 25 years of survival
Anile, L; Marino, A; Gussio, M; Locatelli, M; Pampaloni, A; Vinci, L; Scuderi, D; Busà, B; Bruno, R; Palermo, F; Cacopardo, B; Celesia, B* (Catania, Italy)

P047Efficacy and safety of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate versus low-dose stavudine over 96 weeks: a randomised, non-inferiority trial
Venter, F*; Hill, A; Kambugu, A; Chersich, M; Becker, S; Arulappan, N; Moorehouse, M; Majam, M; Akpomiemie, G; Sokhela, S; Poongulali, S; Feldman, C; Duncombe, C; Ripin, D; Vos, A; Kumarasamy, N (Johannesburg, South Africa)

P048Carotid wall thickness evolution after 2 years of first-line therapy with dolutegravir/abacavir/lamivudine or elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine
Gallazzi, I*; Restelli, S; Piscaglia, M; Schiavini, M; Cossu, M; Paladini, L; Rizzardini, G; Capetti, A* (Milan, Italy)

P049High levels of patient satisfaction during rapidly initiated therapy with darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (D/C/F/TAF) for the treatment of HIV-1 infection through 24 weeks of the DIAMOND study
Benson, C; Simonson, R; Bicer, C; Dunn, K* (Titusville, USA)

P050Safety and efficacy of doravirine/lamivudine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (DOR/3TC/TDF) in treatment-naïve HIV-1-infected adults with transmitted NNRTI resistance mutations
Wong, A*; Goldstein, D; Mallolas, J; DeJesus, E; Johnson, M; Molina, J; Pozniak, A; Rodgers, A; Teal, V; Hepler, D; Kumar, S; Sklar, P; Hanna, G; Hwang, C; Badshah, C; Teppler, H (Regina, Canada)

P051Success and failure of initial ART in adults: an updated systematic review, including 77,999 subjects from 1994 to 2017
Carr, A*; Richardson, R; Liu, Z (Sydney, Australia)

P052Effectiveness, persistence and safety of E/C/F/TAF, F/TAF+ third agent or R/F/TAF use in treatment-naïve, HIV-1-infected patients: 12-month results from the German TAFNES cohort study
Heuchel, T; Hillenbrand, H; Jessen, H; Pauli, R; Postel, N; Haubrich, R; Heinzkill, M*; Goerner, K; Stellbrink, H (Munich, Germany)

P053Adverse outcomes of first-line integrase inhibitor-based, single-tablet, antiretroviral regimens in the Spanish VACH cohort
Teira, R*; Deig, E; Puig, T; Galindo, P; Merino, L; Estrada, V; Ribera, E; Sepúlveda, M; García, J; Montero, M; Muñoz-Sánchez, P; Peraire, J; Castaño, M; Espinosa, N; Martínez, E; Téllez, F; de la Fuente, B; Terrón, A; Lozano, F; Roca, B; Muñoz-Sanz, A; Geijo, P (Torrelavega, Spain)

P054Comparative efficacy of dolutegravir relative to common core agents in treatment-naïve HIV-1-infected patients: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
Snedecor, S; Inocencio, T; Grove, R; Radford, M*; Punekar, Y (Brentford, UK)

P055Trends in modification and discontinuation of initial antiretroviral treatment in the Turkish HIV-TR cohort, 2011–2017
Korten, V*; Gökengin, D; Fincancı, M; Yıldırmak, T; Gencer, S; Eraksoy, H; İnan, D; Kaptan, F; Dokuzoğuz, B; Karaoğlan, I; Willke, A; Ergönül, Ö; HIV-TR Study Group (Istanbul, Turkey)

P056Reasons for choosing darunavir/ritonavir 600/100 mg BID versus 800/100 mg QD in ART-naïve patients
Tavelli, A*; Palma, M; Lo Caputo, S; Madeddu, G; Bonfanti, P; Menzaghi, B; Nozza, S; Antinori, A; Termini, R; d’Arminio Monforte, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Milan, Italy)

P057Network meta-analysis of darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir-alafenamide and elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir-alafenamide in treatment-naïve patients with HIV-1 infection
Van Sanden, S; Schweikert, B; Moecklinghoff, C; Tronczyński, K* (Warsaw, Poland)

P058Comparative virological efficacy, tolerance and immunological recovery at 3 years of different antiretroviral regimens initiated during acute/recent HIV infection
Ambrosioni, J*; Farrera, J; de Lazzari, E; Nicolás, D; Manzardo, C; Mosquera, M; Ligero, C; Marcos, M; Sánchez-Palomino, S; Fernández, E; Plana, M; Miró, J (Barcelona, Spain)

P059Comparison of raltegravir (RAL) and boosted darunavir (DRV/b) versus dolutegravir (DTG) both associated with tenofovir/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC) in primary HIV infection (PHI): viro-immunological outcomes of two different integrase inhibitor (INSTI)-based strategies
Mondi, A; Pinnetti, C*; Lorenzini, P; Plazzi, M; Abbate, I; Rozera, G; Agrati, C; Libertone, R; Menichetti, S; Mastrorosa, I; Ammassari, A; Antinori, A (Rome, Italy)

P060Viro-immunological efficacy and tolerability of dolutegravir-based regimens compared with regimens based on other INI, PI, NNRTI in patients with acute HIV infection: a multicentre cohort study
Lagi, F*; Baldin, G; Colafigli, M; Capetti, A; Madeddu, G; Tekle Kiros, S; Di Giambenedetto, S; Sterrantino, G (Florence, Italy)

P061Acute HIV infection detection: rapid fourth-generation test or rapid molecular point-of-care HIV test?
Carvalho Rocha, L*; Medina, D; Guerreiro, R; Correia, H; Rojas, J; Ferreira, F; Veríssimo, L; Pinto, N; Brito, J; Mendão, L (Lisbon, Portugal)

P062Primary HIV: clinical experience from an outpatient HIV clinic in Portugal
Abreu, I; Palma, P; Graça, L*; Ruas, R; Filipe, R; Branco, E; Tavares, M; Caldas, C; Piñeiro, C; Soares, J; Serrão, R; Sarmento, A (Porto, Portugal)

P063Factors associated with viral load completion in a subset of European countries
Adjei, P*; Cournil, A; Stengaard, A; Bertagnolio, S; Dara, M; Vovc, E; Jordan, M; Doherty, M (Boston, USA)

P064Outcomes of patients not achieving primary endpoint from an ibalizumab phase III trial
DeJesus, E*; Emu, B; Weinheimer, S; Cohen, Z; Cash, B; Lewis, S (Orlando, USA)

P065Psychometric development and preliminary analyses of a new symptom measure for individuals living with HIV: HIV Symptom Rating Questionnaire (HIVSRQ)
Romaine, J*; Murray, M; Bradley, C (London, UK)

P066Impact of HIV on quality of life: preliminary data exploring differences by sex and country (UK and USA) using the HIV Dependent Quality of Life (HIVDQoL) questionnaire
Romaine, J*; Murray, M; Bradley, C (London, UK)

P068Determinants of switching to two-drug combinations with HIV-RNA ≤50 copies/mL in a cohort of HIV-infected individuals seen for care in Italy
Cozzi-Lepri, A*; Diaz-Cuervo, H; Gianotti, N; Lapadula, G; De Luca, A; Maggiolo, F; Rusconi, S; Bobbio, N; Esposito, V; Moioli, M; Madeddu, G; Antinori, A; d’Arminio Monforte, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (London, UK)

P069Effectiveness, persistence and safety of E/C/F/TAF, F/TAF+ third agent or R/F/TAF in treatment-experienced, HIV-1-infected patients: 12-month results from the German TAFNES cohort study
Hillenbrand, H; Knechten, H; Kuemmerle, T; Scholten, S; Schuebel, N; Haubrich, R; Heinzkill, M*; Goerner, K; Stellbrink, H (Munich, Germany)

P070Determinants of switching to TAF-based cART or two-drug combinations with HIV-RNA ≤50 copies/mL in a cohort of HIV-infected individuals seen for care in Italy
Cozzi-Lepri, A*; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Capetti, A; De Luca, A; Castagna, A; Bernacchia, D; Bai, F; Zaccarelli, M; Cingolani, A; Mussini, C; Perno, C; Antinori, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (London, UK)

P071Effectiveness and safety of a dual therapy with boosted darunavir and dolutegravir in patients with an advanced HIV infection
Pasquau, J*; Garcia, C; Muñoz, L; Ferra, S; Brieva, T; Verdejo, G; Garcia, J; Sanchez, V; De Jesus, S; Galvez, M; Vinuesa, D; Lopez, M; Hidalgo, C (Granada, Spain)

P072Dual therapy with dolutegravir plus ritonavir-boosted or unboosted atazanavir as a maintenance treatment in highly-experienced, HIV-infected patients
Fayçal, A; Abdi, B; Peytavin, G; Tebano, G; Schneider, L; Seang, S; Simon, A; Tubiana, R; Valantin, M; Marcelin, A; Katlama, C; Palich, R* (Paris, France)

P074Hospital admissions due to medical conditions in a public healthcare system with free access to antiretroviral treatment
Andreu-Crespo, À; Sala-Piñol, F; Vilariño, A; Cardona-Peitx, G; Santos Fernandez, J; Lorenzo Górriz, M; Módol Deltell, J; Clotet Sala, B; Bonafont Pujol, X; Llibre Codina, J* (Badalona, Spain)

P075HIV-EVOL: changes in ART during hospitalisation from 2009 to 2017 in a tertiary hospital in Madrid (Spain)
Díaz-de Santiago, A*; De La Fuente, S; Biscari, L; Martin, P; Folguera, C; Ángel-Moreno, A (Madrid, Spain)

P076Chemsex drugs on the rise among MSM: a longitudinal analysis of the Swiss HIV cohort study from 2007 to 2017
Hampel, B*; Kusejko, K; Kouyos, R; Boeni, J; Flepp, M; Stoeckle, M; Conen, A; Béguelin, C; Künzler-Heule, P; Nicca, D; Schmidt, A; Nguyen, H; Delaloye, J; Rougemont, M; Bernasconi, E; Rauch, A; Günthard, H; Braun, D; Fehr, J (Zurich, Switzerland)

P077Using real-time phylodynamic analysis to assess and guide public health interventions in a HIV outbreak among people who inject drugs in Scotland
Ragonnet-Cronin, M; Bradley-Stewart, A*; Metcalfe, R; Peters, E; Gunson, R; McAuley, A; Milosevic, C; Leigh Brown, A (Glasgow, UK)

P078An outbreak of HIV amongst homeless people who inject drugs (PWIDs): an innovative HIV clinical service model adaptation leading to successful clinical outcomes
Metcalfe, R*; Glover, C; Brown, K; Peters, E (Glasgow, UK)

P079Is early ART achievable in people who inject drugs (PWIDs) living with HIV?
Metcalfe, R*; McAuley, A; Wallace, L; Hutchinson, S; Goldberg, D (Glasgow, UK)

P080Providing HIV ARVs via community pharmacies alongside opiate replacement therapy (ORT) during a HIV outbreak amongst people who inject drugs (PWIDs)
O’Hara, R*; Murphy, L; Metcalfe, R; Peters, E; Harrison, A; Brown, K (Glasgow, UK)

P081Nurses at the forefront: a new HIV service model for people who inject drugs (PWIDs) in Glasgow
Glover, C; Curtis, S; Kirkwood, S; McGinness, P; Anderson, P* (Glasgow, UK)

P082Successful treatment of hepatitis C in a HIV co-infected underserved people who inject drugs (PWID) population in Glasgow, UK
Black, H*; Anderson, P; Chung, C; Pickard, V; Perrow, K; Peters, S (Glasgow, UK)

P083Real-world persistence of E/C/F/TAF versus DTG+ABC/3TC regimens for the treatment of HIV in a large Spanish cohort: VACH
Teira, R*; Romero, A; Roca, B; Munoz-Sanchez, M; Sepulveda, M; Puig, T; Espinosa, N; Merino, M; Geijo, P; Castano, M; Estrada, V; Ribera, E; Domingo, P; De la Fuente, B; Montero, M; Galindo, M; Peraire, J; Martinez, E; Lozano, F; Terron, A; Garcia, J; Deig, E; Munoz-Sanz, A; Gutierrez, M (Torrelavega, Spain)

P084Assessing the impact of food insecurity on HIV medication adherence in the context of an integrated care facility for people living with HIV in Vancouver, Canada
Koehn, K*; McLinden, T; Collins, A; McDougall, P; Baltzer-Turje, R; Wang, C; Li, J; Salters, K; Parashar, S; Hogg, R (Vancouver, Canada)

P085Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in HIV-infected individuals: is it associated with non-adherence to treatment?
Uysal, S; Elbi, H; Mermut, G; Önen Sertöz, Ö; Kaptan, F; Gulpek, D; Gökengin, D* (Izmir, Turkey)

P086The ‘Doctor Apollo’ chatbot: a digital health tool to improve engagement of people living with HIV
Vita, S*; Marocco, R; Pozzetto, I; Morlino, G; Vigilante, E; Palmacci, V; Fondaco, L; Kertusha, B; Renzelli, M; Mercurio, V; Vullo, V; Mastroianni, C; Lichtner, M (Latina, Italy)

P087Health resources consumption and persistence in patients with HIV treated with standard of care triple therapy or two-drug combination regimens
Sangiorgi, D; Perrone, V; Degli Esposti, L* (Ravenna, Italy)

P089Impact of recreational drug use on people living with HIV’s health
Castro, V; Leal, L; Garín, N; Casado, J; Cenoz, S*; Jaén, A; Galindo, M; Fuster-RuizdeApodaca, M (Madrid, Spain)

P090Antiretroviral therapy retention times and predictors of retention to care among HIV-infected patients in the Ukraine
Kyrychenko, T* (Poltava, Ukraine)

P092Analysis of impediments to the maintenance in care of people with HIV in Italy
Battistella, A*; Errico, M; Rossetti, B; Pontali, E; Bassetti, M; Lichtner, M; Rizzi, M; Manfrin, V; Gori, A; Celesia, B; Viscoli, C; Comelli, A; Angarano, G; Lazzarin, A; Castagna, A; Borgia, G; Menzaghi, B; Nunnari, G; Corsini, R; Calza, L; Vichi, F; Fontanelli Sulekova, L; Giannetti, A; Magnani, G; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Iardino, M; Rizzardini, G (Milan, Italy)

P093Efficacy of intermittent short cycles of integrase inhibitor-based maintenance antiretroviral therapy in virologically suppressed HIV patients
Calin, R; Landowski, S; Agher, R; Marcou, M; Blanc, C; Valantin, M; Caby, F; Katlama, C*; De Truchis, P (Paris, France)

P094DOLAM study: effectiveness and safety of a dual therapy with dolutegravir plus lamivudine in treatment-experienced HIV patients
Hidalgo-Tenorio, C*; De Jesus, S; López Cortés, L; Santos, J; Gomez, M; Ferra, S; Garcia Vallecillos, C; Pasquau, J (Granada, Spain)

P095Long-term follow-up of dolutegravir as a single antiretroviral agent in patients with suppressed HIV viraemia
Tebano, G; Schneider, L; Soulié, C; Blanc, C; Seang, S; Valantin, M; Tubiana, R; Marcelin, A; Katlama, C* (Paris, France)

P096Switching to the combination of dolutegravir plus rilpivirine as a dual therapy in the clinical setting: a prospective cohort study
Monsalvo Hernando, M; Fontecha, M; Vivancos, M; Rodriguez-Sagrado, M; Moreno, A; Pérez-Elías, M; Casado, J* (Madrid, Spain)

P097Higher rate of virological failure in women compared with men when starting dual antiretroviral treatment: sex-specific analysis from the Frankfurt HIV cohort
Koenigs, B*; Bickel, M; Goepel, S; Gute, P; Herrmann, E; de Leuw, P; Schuettfort, G; Stephan, C; Wolf, T; Haberl, A (Frankfurt, Germany)

P098Determinants and outcomes of the choice to switch to dolutegravir within different three- or two-drug regimens in a single-centre cohort: the DOLUTILITY study
Restelli, S; Romeri, F; Piscaglia, M; Rizzelli, D; Gallazzi, I; Paladini, L; Cossu, M; Micheli, V; Capetti, A* (Milan, Italy)

P100Incidence and determinants of antiretroviral switching away from TDF-based backbone in recent years in the Icona Foundation cohort
Vergori, A*; Lorenzini, P; Cozzi Lepri, A; Maggiolo, F; Lapadula, G; De Luca, A; Cingolani, A; Galli, M; Mazzarello, G; Milini, P; D’Arminio Monforte, A; Antinori, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Rome, Italy)

P101Patient-reported outcomes after switching to a two-drug regimen of dolutegravir + rilpivirine: Week 100 results from the SWORD-1 and SWORD-2 studies
Oglesby, A; Angelis, K; Punekar, Y; Lopes, S; Antela, A; Aboud, M; Blair, E; Kahl, L; Gartland, M; Wynne, B; Murray, M* (Brentford, UK)

P102Switch to dolutegravir from a boosted protease inhibitor associated with significant weight gain over 48 weeks in NEAT-022, a randomised 96-week trial
Waters, L*; Assoumou, L; Rusconi, S; Domingo, P; Gompels, M; de Wit, S; Raffi, F; Stephan, C; Rockstroh, J; Katlama, C; Behrens, G; Gatell, J; Pozniak, A; Martinez, E (London, UK)

P103Soluble CD14 levels decrease after switching from a dual regimen with 3TC+PI/r to 3TC+DTG in virologically suppressed HIV-infected patients
Lombardi, F*; Belmonti, S; Borghetti, A; Lamonica, S; Ciccullo, A; Picarelli, C; Baldin, G; Emiliozzi, A; Moschese, D; Dusina, A; Fabbiani, M; Cauda, R; Di Giambenedetto, S (Rome, Italy)

P104Dolutegravir + lamivudine dual therapy in patients with suppressed HIV-RNA: long-term virological and immunological results of a multicentre cohort
Maggiolo, F*; Comi, L; Gulminetti, R; Pagnucco, L; Digaetano, M; Di Filippo, E; Valenti, D; Lorenzini, P; Mussini, C (Bergamo, Italy)

P105Improvements in patient-reported outcomes of dolutegravir (DTG)-based second-line treatment compared with lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r)-based treatment: results from the DAWNING study
Murray, M*; Hopking, J; Sievers, J; Aboud, M; Brown, D; Nascimento, M; Gartland, M; Smith, K; Punekar, Y (Brentford, UK)

P106Virological outcome after switching a suppressive HAART to dolutegravir (DTG) with two NRTIs among HIV-1-infected patients: potential effects of previous suboptimal therapies or previous virological failures
Sangare, M*; Baril, J; De Pokomandy, A; Laprise, C; Thomas, R; Klein, M; Tremblay, C; Greenwald, Z; Pexos, C; Machouf, N; Durand, M; Trottier, H (Montreal, Canada)

P107Efficacy of rilpivirine-based regimens as switch therapy from nevirapine-based regimens in HIV-infected patients with complete virological suppression: a randomised, controlled trial
Petchkum, P*; Sungkanuparp, S; Kiertiburanakul, S; Phuphuakrat, A (Bangkok, Thailand)

P108Patient-reported outcomes in an observational cohort of adult HIV-1-positive patients after 48 weeks of treatment of darunavir/cobicistat-based regimens (TMC114FD1HTX4003: ST.O.RE. study)
Antinori, A*; Gori, A; Ripamonti, D; Rusconi, S; Gianotti, N; Maserati, R; Muscatello, A; Di Cristo, V; Castagna, A; Rizzardini, G; Cattelan, A; Menzaghi, B; Sterrantino, G; Kiros, S; Castelli, F; Focà, E; Saccani, B; Orofino, G; Farenga, M; Cauda, R; La Monica, S; Vullo, V; De Luca, A; Rossetti, B; Manzillo, E; Gioè, C; Celesia, B; Locatelli, M; Madeddu, G; Bagella, P; Santantonio, T; Ferrara, S; Cosco, L; Pontali, E; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Curetti, R; Andreoni, M; Stingone, C; Uglietti, A; Termini, R; Mancusi, D (Rome, Italy)

P109Effectiveness and safety of cobicistat-boosted darunavir-based antiretroviral treatment in an Italian observational cohort: the TMC114FD1HTX4003 (ST.O.RE.) study
Gori, A*; Antinori, A; Ripamonti, D; Rusconi, S; Gianotti, N; Maserati, R; Muscatello, A; Di Cristo, V; Castagna, A; Rizzardini, G; Cattelan, A; Menzaghi, B; Sterrantino, G; Kiros, S; Castelli, F; Focà, E; Saccani, B; Orofino, G; Farenga, M; Cauda, R; La Monica, S; Vullo, V; De Luca, A; Rossetti, B; Manzillo, E; Gioè, C; Celesia, B; Locatelli, M; Madeddu, G; Bagella, P; Santantonio, T; Ferrara, S; Cosco, L; Pontali, E; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Curetti, R; Andreoni, M; Stingone, C; Uglietti, A; Termini, R; Mancusi, D (Milan, Italy)

P110Switching to a dual regimen with the combination of boosted darunavir plus raltegravir in severely experienced patients: a multicentre, retrospective analysis
Casado, J*; Montejano, R; Negredo, E; Blanco, J; Espinosa, N; Mena, A; Montero, M; Palacios, R; Lopez, J; Vergas, J; Galindo, M; García del Toro, M; Cabello, A; Diaz de Santiago, A (Madrid, Spain)

P111Switching from atazanavir/ritonavir (ATV/RTV) to ATV/cobicistat (ATV/COBI) is associated with a decrease of plasma lipids and liver fibrosis
Trentalange, A*; Polifroni, C; Carcieri, C; Alcantarini, C; Montrucchio, C; Marinaro, L; Forni, N; Palazzo, A; Barco, A; Costa, C; Lazzaro, A; Tettoni, M; De Nicolò, A; D’Avolio, A; Di Perri, G; Calcagno, A; Bonora, S (Torino, Italy)

P112Switch from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)- to tenofovir alafenamide (TAF)-based regimens in clinical practice: real-world data of the German PROPHET cohort study
Bickel, M; Wyen, C; Spinner, C*; Baumgarten, A; Jaeger, H; Postel, N; Wolf, E; Hoffmann, C; Esser, S; Klauke, S; Schewe, K (Frankfurt, Germany)

P113Soluble activation and inflammation markers in HIV dual therapy in the setting of virological suppression: the Trilobithe study
Molano, M; Monsalvo, M; Hernandez, F; Fontecha, M; Vallejo, A; Casado, J* (Madrid, Spain)

P114Clinical observations of ART switching in HIV-suppressed patients after availability of TAF
Elion, R*; Eron, J; Santiago, S; Sax, P; Rampogal, M; Huhn, G; Musallam, A; Althoff, K; Winston, J (Bethesda, USA)

P115Antiretroviral therapy without nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors: dual therapy with darunavir/p and rilpivirine. Safety and efficacy in clinical practice. RIDAR 2
Arazo, P; Galindo, M*; Montero, M; Tornero, C; Pasquau, J (Valencia, Spain)

P117Triumeq® versus Genvoya®, real-life experience in pretreated patients
Roda Puchalt, N*; Ventayol Aguiló, L; Asensio Rodriguez, J; Ferre Beltran, A; Riera Jaume, M; Payeras Cifre, A (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

P118Safety, efficacy and durability of long-acting CAB and RPV as a two-drug IM maintenance therapy for HIV-1 infection: LATTE-2 Week 160 results
Margolis, D*; Gonzalez Garcia, J; Stellbrink, H; Yazdanpanah, Y; Richmond, G; Smith, G; Sutton, K; Dorey, D; Zhang, F; Smith, K; Williams, P; Spreen, W (Research Triangle Park, USA)

P119B/F/TAF versus ABC/DTG/3TC or DTG+F/TAF in treatment-naïve adults with high baseline viral load or low baseline CD4 count in two phase III, randomised, controlled clinical trials: Week 96 results
Podzamczer, D*; Stellbrink, H; Orkin, C; Pozniak, A; Arribas, J; Koenig, E; Ramgopal, M; Baumgarten, A; Wei, X; Cheng, A; SenGupta, D; Martin, H (Barcelona, Spain)

P120Asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections in French HIV MSM: a predictive risk score for screening: the ANRS DRIVER study
Duracinsky, M; Dimi, S; Chassany, O; Carrieri, P; Villes, V; Timsit, J; Fouéré, S; Zucman, D* (Suresnes, France)

P121Integrase inhibitors and virological failure: a cohort analysis
Montejano, R*; De Miguel, R; Bernardino, J; Perez-Valero, I; Montes, M; Valencia, E; Martin-Carbonero, L; Moreno, V; Gonzalez-Garcia, J; Arribas, J (Madrid, Spain)

P122Virological outcome after a choice of antiretroviral regimen guided by proviral HIV-1 DNA genotyping in a real-life cohort of HIV-infected patients
Meybeck, A; Robineau, O; Alidjinou, E; Huleux, T; Boucher, A*; Choisy, P; Bocket, L; Ajana, F (Tourcoing, France)

P123Providing evidence from real-world data – 3-year follow-up of dolutegravir-based regimens in routine clinical care in Germany: the final analysis of the DOL-ART cohort
Postel, N*; Wyen, C; Hillenbrand, H; Lutz, T; Moll, A; Pauli, R; Sych, M; Westermayer, B; Lueftenegger, D; Walli, R (Munich, Germany)

P124Effectiveness and persistence of Triumeq (DTG/ABC/3TC) in routine clinical care in Germany: second interim analysis of the prospective German TRIUMPH cohort
Wolf, T; Heuchel, T; Jessen, H; Meurer, A; Mueller, M; Schappert, B; Schulz, C; Wyen, C; Westermayer, B; Lueftenegger, D*; Walli, R (Munich, Germany)

P125Long-term outcomes in patients receiving a NVP-containing regimen for a median of 17 years
Tiraboschi, J*; Latour, N; Knobel, H; Domingo, P; Ribera, E; Giralt, D; Podzamczer, D (Barcelona, Spain)

P126First real-life data of tenofovir alafenamide (TAF)-based ART in adult HIV-1-infected patients enrolled in the French TARANIS cohort: results on the use of E/C/F/TAF (Genvoya®)
Meynard, J; Duvivier, C*; Molina, J; Ajana, F; Pichancourt, G; Morlat, P; Revest, M; Poizot-Martin, I; Hocqueloux, L; Janssen, C; Genet, P; Katlama, C; Leclercq, P; Haubrich, R; Durand, F; Sahali, S (Paris, France)

P127Long-term non-progressors and elite controllers: starting antiretroviral therapy in routine HIV care
Akhlaq, A; Schafers, J*; Farooq, H; Van Halsema, C (Manchester, UK)

P128Failure of dolutegravir first-line cART with a selection of R263K and G118R
Lübke, N; Jensen, B; Hüttig, F; Obermeier, M; Thielen, A; Kaiser, R*; Timm, J; Häussinger, D (Düsseldorf, Germany)

P129Disinvestment strategies for HIV therapies: the role of HTA, an opportunity for patients and clinicians?
Garagiola, E; Foglia, E; Ferrario, L; Cenderello, G*; Di Biagio, A; Menzaghi, B; Rizzardini, G; Croce, D (Genova, Italy)

P130HIV-positive patients with persistent low-level viraemia in the University Hospital of La Princesa (Spain)
Roy, E*; Ciudad, M; Cárdenas, M; García-Fraile, L; Sanz, J; Santos, I (Madrid, Spain)

P131When to start antiretroviral therapy in HIV-2: the challenge remains
Cardoso, M; Pimentel, B; Granado, J; Vasconcelos, J; Miranda, A*; Peres, S; Baptista, T; Mansinho, K (Lisbon, Portugal)

P132HIV-1 elimination from reservoirs: viral dynamics during suppressive ART
Otte, F*; Metzner, K; Klimkait, T (Basel, Switzerland)

P133ART improves most domains of HRQoL by both SF-36 and HAT-QoL scales
Lins, L*; Ledo, A; Luz, E; Soares Dutra, B; Rodriguez Prieto, I; Brites, C (Salvador, Brazil)

P134Using climate-HIV to describe real-world clinical outcomes for people living with HIV on dolutegravir-based regimens
Okoli, C*; Schwenk, A; Radford, M; Myland, M; Taylor, S; van Wyk, J; Barnes, J; Fox, A; Reeves, I; Munshi, S; Croucher, A; Grimson, F; Paice, A; Boxall, N; Darley A; Benn, P (Middlesex, UK)

P135NNRTI raltegravir lamivudine (NRL): the NatuRAL choice for ageing patients
Cormack, I*(Croydon, UK)

P136Virological response in HIV-1-infected patients treated with dolutegravir-containing ART regimens: a real-world study
Furtado, I; R de Valdoleiros, S; Fragoso, J*; Vasconcelos, O; Gonçalves, M; Sarmento e Castro, R (Porto, Portugal)

P137The rate of HAART initiation according to the WHO/DHHS guidelines during the years 2002–2016 in a major HIV/AIDS centre in Israel
Elbirt, D*; Otman, M; Bezalel-Rosenberg, S; Mahlab-Guri, K; Nemet, S; Burke, M; Asher, I; Sthoeger, Z (Rehovot, Israel)

P138Raltegravir, elvitegravir, dolutegravir comparison and CD4/CD8 ratio normalisation in HIV-infected patients
Sarigul, F*; User, U; Oztoprak, N (Antalya, Turkey)

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Opportunistic Infections

P139Efficacy and safety dolutegravir-based regimens in advanced HIV-infected treatment-naïve patients: results from a multicentre cohort study
Rossetti, B*; Baldin, G; Sterrantino, G; Rusconi, S; De Vito, A; Giacometti, A; Gagliardini, R; Colafigli, M; Capetti, A; d’Ettorre, G; Celani, L; Lagi, F; Ciccullo, A; De Luca, A; Di Giambenedetto, S; Madeddu, G (Siena, Italy)

P140Malaria in HIV-infected patients: a matched case-control study in a non-endemic setting
Lam, E*; De Wit, S; Delforge, M; Martin, C (Brussels, Belgium)

P141Concomitant syphilis infection in patients with diagnosed HIV/AIDS: a retrospective multicentre study
Sarigul, F*; Sayan, M; Inan, D; Deveci, A; Ceran, N; Celen, M; Cagatay, A; Ozkan Ozdemir, H; Kuscu, F; Karagoz, G; Heper, Y; Karabay, O; Dokuzoguz, B; Kaya, S; Erben, N; Karaoglan, I; Munis Ersoz, G; Gunal, O; Hatipoglu, C; Sayın Kutlu, S; Akbulut, A; Saba, R; Sener, A; Buyuktuna, S (Antalya, Turkey)

P143Reduction of mortality rate among HIV/TB patients as a result of a comprehensive approach of HIV/TB integration in the Kyiv Regional Tuberculosis Hospital, Ukraine
Chuykov, A*; Lopatina, Y; Zakowicz, A; Tyapkin, G; Holub, O; Shevchenko, O (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

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Co-morbidities and Complications of Disease and/or Treatment

P145Phase 3b, randomised, open-label study to evaluate switching from a tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)-containing regimen to elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (E/C/F/TAF) in virologically suppressed, HIV-1-infected participants aged ≥60
Maggiolo, F*; Rizzardini, G; Raffi, F; Pulido, F; Mateo Garcia, G; Molina, J; Ong, E; Shao, Y; Corales, R; McNicholl, I; Piontkowsky, D; Das, M; Haubrich, R (Bergamo, Italy)

P146Effect of age on efficacy and safety of elvitegravir, cobicistat, emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide (E/C/F/TAF) in virologically-suppressed, HIV-1-infected participants aged ≥65 years: pooled analysis of two phase III trials
Maggiolo, F*; Rizzardini, G; Raffi, F; Pulido, F; Mateo Garcia, G; Molina, J; Ong, E; Shao, Y; Chuck, S; McNicholl, I; Piontkowsky, D; Das, M; Haubrich, R (Bergamo, Italy)

P147HIV comorbidities and their impact on attendance frequency at HIV clinics in the UK: findings from the Positive Voices survey 2017
Kirwan, P*; Kall, M; Chau, C; Brown, A; Delpech, V (London, UK)

P148Significant clinical and epidemiological differences in adults ageing with HIV-1 compared with those with HIV-1 diagnosis at an older age
Tsachouridou, O*; Papagiannis, M; Gogou, C; Chrysanthidis, T; Chatzidimitriou, D; Valagkouti, D; Kollaras, P; Zebekakis, P; Skoura, L; Metallidis, S (Thessaloniki, Greece)

P149High frequency of polypharmacy and drug–drug interactions in an elderly HIV population on antiretroviral therapy
Bourneau-Martin, D; Ruellan, A; Joyau, C; Sécher, S; Allavena, C* (Nantes, France)

P150Prevalence of polypharmacy and potential drug–drug interactions in PLWHIV: a cross-sectional study from the Modena HIV Metabolic Clinic cohort
Raimondi, A*; Zona, S; Franconi, I; Carli, F; Menozzi, M; Nardini, G; Beghetto, B; Mancini, M; Masi, V; Mussini, C; Guaraldi, G (Modena, Italy)

P151Comorbidities, comedication and polypharmacy burden in patients with HIV: retrospective claims data in Germany
Lopes, S*; Meyer, K; Braun, S; Punekar, Y; Radford, M; Haas, J (London, UK)

P152Social determinants contribute to frailty in HIV-positive patients in Bahia, Brazil
Zeballos Rivas, D; Howell, W; Brites Alves, C* (Salvador, Brazil)

P153Polypharmacy and polymorbidities in a specialised HIV clinic for patients over the age of 50: need for geriatrician intervention?
Khalid, K*; Palmer, J; Pereira, B; Patterson, B; Milinkovic, A; Tong, T; Lee, P; Holmes, P; Boffito, M (London, UK)

P154Experience of managing women aged 40 and over in a region with a moderate HIV prevalence
Ogbonmwan, D*; Macfadyen, C; Ghavami-Kia, B; Chauhan, M; Pinder, M; Wardropper, A; White, C; Ralph, S; Hotonu, O; Price, A; Hussey, J; Duncan, S (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

P155Use of integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) in a cohort of HIV-infected geriatric patients (GEPPO cohort)
Nozza, S*; Calza, S; Guaraldi, G; Gervasi, E; Riva, A; De Socio, G; Piconi, S; Orofino, G; Castagna, A; Di Perri, G; Cattelan, A; Magro, P; Celesia, B; Calcagno, A; Focà, E (Milan, Italy)

P156Disturbance in iron metabolism parameters: a possible marker of preterm ageing in HIV-infected males
Dragovic, G*; Dimitrijevic, B; Toljic, B; Milasin, J; De Luka, S; Jevtovic, D; Trbovich, A (Belgrade, Serbia)

P157Prevalence of cognitive impairment in a cohort of HIV-infected patients older than 60 years
Gonzalez-Baeza, A*; Rua-Cebrian, G; Montejano, R; Bernardino, J; Gonzalez, J; Perez-Valero, I (Madrid, Spain)

P158Incidence and risk factors associated with osteoporosis-related fractures (ORF) among PLWHIV in British Columbia (BC), Canada
Barletta, J*; Ye, M; Lu, M; Kibel, M; Hogg, R; Lima, V; Guillemi, S (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P159Association of lean mass with bone mineral density in young, recently diagnosed HIV-infected patients
Gallego Galiana, J; Vivancos, M; Gioia, F; Sobrino, C; Pérez-Elías, M; Moreno, A; Moreno, S; Vázquez, M; Casado, J* (Madrid, Spain)

P160The development of a tool for preventing and managing bone disease in HIV-infected adults
Foisy, M*; Hughes, C; Yuksel, N (Edmonton, Canada)

P161Relationship between bone composition and fat indexes in HIV-infected patients
Bonjoch, A; Perez-Alvarez, N; Estany, C; Rosales, J; Echeverria, P*; Clotet, B (Badalona, Spain)

P162Impact on bone mineral density after 2 years of switching to four dolutegravir-based triple or dual regimens
Piscaglia, M; Gallazzi, I; Restelli, S; Baldin, G; Paladini, L; Cossu, M; Di Giambenedetto, S; Rizzardini, G; Capetti, A* (Milan, Italy)

P163Performance of fracture risk assessment tools in HIV-positive individuals aged ≥45 years who were receiving suppressive antiretroviral therapy
Tsai, M; Zhang, J; Wu, P; Liu, W; Yang, C*; Hung, C (New Taipei City, Taiwan)

P164Bone turnover markers evolution after treatment initiation with Atripla in comparison with Truvada raltegravir: another glimpse to osteoporosis in HIV
Oster, Y*; Cohen, M; Dresner Pollak, R; Elinav, H (Jerusalem, Israel)

P165Audit of the use of IV bisphosphonates in people living with HIV
Shah, S; Bracchi, M; Hurt, W; Zhang, Q; Milinkovic, A* (London, UK)

P166Immune and inflammatory biomarkers in treatment-naïve, HIV-infected patients starting antiretroviral therapy: a prospective study
Saumoy, M*; Di Yacovo, S; Sanchez-Quesada, J; Sviridov, D; Vila, R; Garcia, B; Navarro, A; Vernet, A4 Giralt, D; Ordoñez-Llanos, J; Podzamczer, D (Barcelona, Spain)

P167Incidence of dyslipidaemia and modification of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk in HIV-infected patients who switch away from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)-based to TDF-sparing regimens in the Icona Foundation cohort
Cicalini, S*; Lorenzini, P; Cozzi-Lepri, A; Maggiolo, F; Gianotti, N; Rusconi, S; Lapadula, G; Cirioni, O; Castagna, A; Mussini, C; Lo Caputo, S; Antinori, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Rome, Italy)

P168Serum trimethylamine-N-oxide concentrations are associated with cardiovascular risk factors and subclinical vascular damage in HIV-positive patients
Montrucchio, C; De Nicolò, A; D’Ettorre, G; Vullo, V; Celani, L; Costa, C; Trentalange, A; Alcantarini, C; Avataneo, V; Tettoni, M; D’Avolio, A; Bonora, S; Di Perri, G; Calcagno, A*, (Torino, Italy)

P169Association between osteogenesis and inflammation evaluated by 18F-NaF and 18F-FDG PET/CT in HIV-infected patients
Guaraldi, G*; Prandini, N; Esposito, F; Malagoli, A; Milic, J; Beghetto, B; Nardini, G; Roncaglia, E; Raggi, P (Modena, Italy)

P170Comparison between cardiovascular disease risk scores and observed rates of cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV
Lee, M*; Smith, C; Mok, J; Duncan, A; Kulasegaram, R; Wierzbicki, A (London, UK)

P171Inflammatory biomarkers related with subclinical atherosclerosis in suppressed HIV-infected patients
Saumoy, M*; Sanchez-Quesada, J; Di Yacovo, S; Ferrer, E; Imaz, A; Garcia, B; Giralt, D; Ordoñez-Llanos, J; Podzamczer, D (Barcelona, Spain)

P172Suggested targets in modifiable cardiovascular risk factors are seldom attained in HIV-positive patients
Montrucchio, C; Lazzaro, A; Forni, N; Pirriatore, V; Alcantarini, C; D’Ascenzo, F; Maremmani, M; Cusenza, V; Peyracchia, M; Tettoni, M; Grosso Marra, W; Bonora, S; Di Perri, G; Calcagno, A* (Torino, Italy)

P173Circulating annexin V and annexin A1 plasma levels and cardiovascular risk score in HIV subjects
Ucciferri, C*; Auricchio, A; Vignale, F; Costantini, E; D’Angelo, C; Reale, M; Vecchiet, J; Falasca, K (Chieti, Italy)

P174Prevalence of abnormal echocardiographical findings in Thai HIV-infected and non-infected ageing population after receiving therapy: ECHO THAI-HAART study
Thimaporn, W*; Chattranukulchai, P; Siwamogsatham, S; Satitthummanid, S; Sangarlangkarn, A; Boonyaratavej, S; Avihingsanon, A; and the HIV-NAT 207 team (Bangkok, Thailand)

P175Estimated eGFR and risk of cardiovascular events in a large cohort of chronically infected HIV subjects
Maggiolo, F*; Teocchi, R; Borderi, M; Di Filippo, E; Comi, L; Valenti, D; Rizzi, M (Bergamo, Italy)

P176Cardiovascular risk in a HIV-positive population: serological markers and cardiovascular risk calculators
Ucciferri, C*; Auricchio, A; Vignale, F; Vecchiet, J; Falasca, K (Chieti, Italy)

P177Impact of HIV infection and antiretrovirals on QT interval: the HIMPAQT study
Allavena, C*; Jacob, N; Gourrault, J; Billaud, E; Sécher, S; Raffi, F; Lamirault, G (Nantes, France)

P178Anal cancer risk and use of a protease inhibitor: a nested case-control study within the ANRS CO4-FHDH cohort
Grabar, S; Selinger-Leneman, H; Abramowitz, L; Boue, F; Mary-Krause, M; Duvivier, C; Rouveix, E; Poizot-Martin, I; Costagliola, D* (Paris, France)

P179Prospective study of the efficacy of 5% imiquimod versus excision of anal HSIL in patients infected by HIV (2010–2018)
Hidalgo-Tenorio, C*; Garcia-Martinez, C; Gil, C; Segura, I; Esquivias, J; Lopez-Ruz, M; Pasquau, J (Granada, Spain)

P180Results of HPV testing for anal screening in men who have sex with men
Popova, A*; Shipulina, O; Dmitryukova, M; Deulina, M; Pokrovsky, V (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P181Kaposi’s sarcoma in HIV-1-infected patients: a multicentre cohort experience in Rome
Colafigli, M; Borghetti, A; Fanti, I; Di Sora, F; Bonadies, A; Ferraresi, V; Tonachella, R; Montella, F; Cauda, R; Cristaudo, A; Di Giambenedetto, S; Latini, A* (Rome, Italy)

P182HPV infection among HIV-positive women in some countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Popova, A*; Shipulina, O; Deulina, M; Almamedova, E; Rzayeva, A; Kadyrova, A; Grigoryan, S; Asmaryan, A; Pepanyan, A; Davidyan, A; Ermolenko, L; Nevmerzhitskaya, T; Tavtyn, I; Kadyrbekov, U; Abylgazieva, N; Zhaanbaeva, Z; Spirin, A; Agafonova, O; Chesnokov, M; Kalenik, L; Karimov, S; Rahimova, R; Rustamova, M; Nurlyaminova, Z; Dmitryukova, M; Pokrovsky, V (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P183Characteristics of AIDS-related and non-AIDS-related cancers in an Italian cohort of HIV patients in the period 1996–2018
Nicolè, S*; Mengoli, C; Marini, G; Coletto, D; Cavinato, S; Marinello, S; Cattelan, A (Padova, Italy)

P184Cancer screening among HIV-positive patients
Wu, P*; Chen, M; Sheng, W; Hsieh, S; Chuang, Y; Chang, H; Luo, Y; Yang, S; Zhang, J; Sun, H; Hung, C (Taipei, Taiwan)

P185HPV-related pre-cancerous screening in HIV-infected MSM accessing the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Modena
Rogati, C*; Digaetano, M; Bonazza, A; Menozzi, M; Borghi, V; Pecorari, M; Iachetta, R; Villani, R; Farinetti, A; Spatafora, F; Mussini, C (Modena, Italy)

P186The burden of chronic comorbidities among HIV-infected adults in a large urban HIV clinic in Uganda
Musomba Zimaze, R*; Owarwo, N; Nabaggala, M; Nsumba, M; Matovu, J; Lamorde, M; Castelnuovo, B (Kampala, Uganda)

P187Increases in lipid profile after switch from TDF to TAF-based HAART regimens in a cohort of HIV-positive patients: is it clinically relevant?
Gazzola, L*; Tagliaferri, G; Mondatore, D; De Bona, A; Borsino, C; Bini, T; Marchetti, G; d’Arminio Monforte, A (Milan, Italy)

P188Effect of tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) initiation on lipid profile in La Paz Hospital cohort: consequence of TDF withdrawal or TAF initiation?
Montejano, R*; Alejos, B; De Miguel, R; Moreno, V; Valencia, E; Martin-Carbonero, L; Montes, M; Busca, C; Mican, R; Perez-Valero, I; Gonzalez-Garcia, J; Arribas, J; Bernardino, J (Madrid, Spain)

P189Prevalence and severity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by transient elastography with controlled attenuation parameter: risk factors in unselected HIV mono-infected population
Mazzola, G; Cervo, A*; Gioé, C; Trizzino, M; Colletti, P; Mililli, D; Mazzucco, W; Mazzola, S; Sebastiani, G; Petta, S; Cascio, A (Palermo, Italy)

P190Waist-to-hip ratio is a predictive marker of hepatic steatosis in people living with HIV
Mok, J*; Goff, L; Peters, B; Duncan, A (London, UK)

P191Dysglycaemia is prevalent in HIV patients over 40 and may be detected using routine screening for cardiovascular risk
Mok, J*; Goff, L; Duncan, A (London, UK)

P192Current or historic HIV-related lipodystrophy largely associated with protease inhibitor exposure is a predictor of future diabetes risk
Mok, J*; Goff, L; Peters, B; Duncan, A (London, UK)

P193The prevalence of diabetes mellitus type 2 in HIV-1-infected patients and antiretroviral treatment utilisation in the Ukraine: results of an observational, multicentre, cross-sectional retrospective study
Antonyak, S; Matkovskyi, I; Yurchenko, O; Antoniak, S*; Adamczewski, T; Koycheva, A (Kiev, Ukraine)

P194Plasma NRTI exposure and associations with serum alanine aminotransferase in people living with HIV
Wang, X; Boffito, M; Dickinson, L; Bagkeris, E; Khoo, S; Post, F; Vera, J; Williams, I; Babalis, D; Anderson, J*; Mallon, P; McClure, M; Winston, A; Sabin, C (London, UK)

P195Lipid changes after switch from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate to tenofovir alafenamide: a longitudinal cohort study
Berger, F; Milinkovic, A*; Arenas-Pinto, A; Mauss, S (London, UK)

P196Correlation between PAI-1, leptin and ferritin with HOMA in HIV/AIDS patients
Dragovic, G*; Sumarac Dumanovic, M; Al Musalhi, K; Soldatovic, I; Dimitrijevic, B; Jevtovic, D; Nair, D (Belgrade, Serbia)

P197Evaluation of the dual X-ray absorptiometry to predict metabolic syndrome in HIV-infected patients
Fontecha, M*; Monsalvo, M; Vivancos, M; Moreno, A; Casado, J (Madrid, Spain)

P198How well do we manage type 2 diabetes and abnormal glucose metabolism in HIV? A service evaluation
Smith, H; Hine, P*; Beadsworth, M; Weston, P; Chaponda, M (Liverpool, UK)

P199Metabolic disorders in HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral therapy
Kanestri, V; Kravchenko, A* (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P200Factors associated with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder in an unselected cohort in East and South London: the HAND study
Rackstraw, S*; Davies, O; Thiyagarajan, A; Sharp, A; Patel, N; Szydlo, R; Kulasegaram, R (London, UK)

P201Efficacy of computerised cognitive rehabilitation training in improving HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
Bai, F*; Allegrini, M; Falcinella, C; Strada, I; Borghi, L; Merlini, E; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Marchetti, G (Milan, Italy)

P202The effect of drug use on specific neuropsychological domains among patients enrolled in the Neurocognitive Assessment in the Metabolic and Aging COhort (NAMACO) study
Darling, K*; Locatelli, I; Benghalem, N; Nadin, I; Brugger, P; Gutbrod, K; Frueh, S; Rossi, S; Kunze, U; Lecompte, T; Hauser, C; Hasse, B; Kovari, H; Tarr, P; Stoeckle, M; Di Benedetto, C; Schmid, P; Du Pasquier, R; Cavassini, M (Lausanne, Switzerland)

P203A real-life analysis of dolutegravir adverse effects in a cohort of naïve and experienced HIV-infected patients accessing the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Modena
Digaetano, M*; Monari, C; Rogati, C; Menozzi, M; Santoro, A; Bonazza, A; Carli, F; Borghi, V; Mussini, C (Modena, Italy)

P204Real-world experience using tenofovir alafenamide fumarate in Glasgow, UK
Brown, K; Sutherland, G; O’Hara, R*; Bell, D (Glasgow, UK)

P205Incidence rate of substitutions due to tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-related bone and renal toxicity and among adults attending the Infectious Diseases Institute in Kampala
Akirana, J; Laker, E; Muyise, R; Owarwo, N; Lwanga, I*; Mubiru, F; Castelnuovo, B; Kiragga, A; Lamorde, M (Kampala, Uganda)

P206Real-world effects of treatment with emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide- versus emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-based regimens in people living with HIV in a clinical cohort in Germany
Rieke, A*; Jessen, H; Pauli, R; Waizmann, M; Heuchel, T; Postel, N; Lymperopoulou, C; Faghmous, I; Diaz-Cuervo, H; Ramroth, H; Stellbrink, H (London, UK)

P207Reclassification of severe renal failure in people living with HIV using modified KDIGO classification
Manmathan, G*; Ramphul, R; Johnson, M; Rakhit, R; Burns, F (London, UK)

P208Evolution of renal function in patients starting simultaneous therapy with DRV/c and DTG
Roque Rojas, F; de la Fuente Moral, S; Díaz de Santiago, A*; Lavilla Salgado, C; Muñoz Serrano, A; Ángel-Moreno Maroto, A (Majadahonda, Spain)

P209Changes in proximal tubular function after early discontinuation of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) in HIV patients with TDF-induced renal dysfunction
Payoong, P*; Leelahavanichkul, A; Putcharoen, O (Bangkok, Thailand)

P210Haematological manifestations in virologically-suppressed people living with HIV
Akdag, D*; Dehlbæk Knudsen, A; Faber Thudium, R; Kirkegaard-Klitbo, D; De Nully Brown, P; Afzal, S; Nordestgaard, B; Lundgren, J; Dam Nielsen, S (Copenhagen, Denmark)

P211Polypharmacy and drug–drug interactions in HIV-infected subjects in the region of Madrid (Spain): a population-based study
López-Centeno, B; Badenes-Olmedo, C; Mataix-Sanjuan, Á; McAllister, K; Bellón-Cano, J; Balsalobre, P; Benedí, J; Khoo, S; Calvo-Alcántara, M; Berenguer, J* (Madrid, Spain)

P212Risky alcohol consumption and associated health behaviour among HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients in a UK sexual health and HIV clinic: the HAZAL study
Suonpera, E*; Matthews, R; Milinkovic, A; Arenas-Pinto, A (London, UK)

P213Health status and quality of life in PLWHIV: results from the ICONA cohort
Cingolani, A*; Romaine, J; Tavelli, A; Maggiolo, F; Girardi, E; Antinori, A; Cascio, A; Cattelan, A; De Luca, A; Murray, M; D’Arminio Monforte, A; Bradley, C (Rome, Italy)

P214Syphilis on the rise in HIV-positive MSM in Germany
Wesselmann, J*; Boesecke, C; Wasmuth, J; Rockstroh, J; Schwarze-Zander, C (Bonn, Germany)

P215An assessment of how effectively health systems monitor HIV-associated comorbidities, using current global and European frameworks
Safreed-Harmon, K; Pericàs, J; Kall, M; Davidovich, U; del Amo, J; Lazarus, J; Anderson, J* (London, UK)

P216Delayed but adequate serological response to syphilis treatment in HIV-positive adults
Ren, M*; Szadkowski, L; Tan, D; Walmsley, S (Toronto, Canada)

P217Clinical characteristics and outcome of infective endocarditis in non-intravenous drug users (IDU) HIV-infected patients and influence of HIV-infection on prognosis: a prospective study of the International Collaboration on Endocarditis (ICE)
Hernández-Meneses, M; Llopis, J; Chu, V; Ambrosioni, J*; Wray, D; Fernández-Hidalgo, N; Baddley, J; Moreno, A; Athan, E; Miró, J (Barcelona, Spain)

P218Switching from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate to tenofovir alafenamide and hepatic safety: a new paradigm?
Squillace, N*; Ricci, E; Menzaghi, B; Migliorino, G; De Socio, G; Passerini, S; Martinelli, C; Mameli, M; Maggi, P; Falasca, K; Cordier, L; Celesia, B; Salomoni, E; Di Biagio, A; Pellicano, G; Bonfanti, P (Monza, Italy)

P219E-vaccine registry: systematic vaccine registry improves immunisation coverage in HIV patients
Enriquez, N*; Pecoul, V; Hartley, M; Siegrist, C; Calmy, A (Geneva, Switzerland)

P220Comparison of early serological response of early syphilis to treatment with a single-dose benzathine penicillin G between HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients: a cohort study
Yang, C*; Liu, W; Chang, L; Wu, C; Su, Y; Hung, C (New Taipei City, Taiwan)

P221Concurrent transmission of HCV and bacterial STI in HIV-infected MSM
Wong, N; Wong, B; Chan, D; Lee, S* (Hong Kong, China)

P222Non-AIDS bacterial infections are the main cause of hospital admissions in HIV-infected patients during 2010–2017: data from the San Paolo Infectious Diseases (SPID) cohort
Bai, F*; Suardi, E; Parolo, F; Tavelli, A; Crippa, F; Bini, T; Marchetti, G; d’Arminio Monforte, A (Milan, Italy)

P223Use of recreational drugs and sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis among patients attending a STI/HIV reference clinic in Rome
Latini, A*; Colafigli, M; Frasca, M; Alei, L; Giuliani, M; Cristaudo, A; Zaccarelli, M (Rome, Italy)

P224Co-infection with syphilis in new diagnosis of HIV infection during the period 2010–2017: a single-centre cohort
Bianchi, A*; Cuomo, G; Puzzolante, C; Raimondi, A; Mussini, C; Borghi, V (Modena, Italy)

P225Severe bacterial infections in HIV-infected injecting drug users from a Romanian healthcare facility
Ianache, I*; Popa, I; Horghidan, R; Ceausu, E; Oprea, C (Bucharest, Romania)

P226Use of dolutegravir in women of childbearing potential: a local response to preliminary data suggesting higher incidence of neural tube defects in women conceiving on dolutegravir-based regimens
Haidari, G*; Farrugia, P; Williams, C; Mukela, A; Chilton, D; Grant, A; Simons, R (London, UK)

P227Assessment of monocyte activation and systemic inflammation markers in HIV-positive opioid users
Kholodnaya, A*; So-Armah, K; Cheng, D; Gnatienko, N; Patts, G; Samet, J; Freiberg, M; Lioznov, D (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

P228Impact of CMV on liver progression in HIV/HCV/CMV co-infected patients in a large cohort of HIV-infected patients
Vita, S; Lorenzini, P; Lichtner, M*; Giulia, M; Mastroianni, C; Bandera, A; Di Biagio, A; Pinnetti, C; Calcagno, A; Castagna, A; Antinori, A; d’Arminio Monforte, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Rome, Italy)

P229The importance of serological testing and risk factors of measles, mumps, rubella and VZV among HIV-infected adults in Istanbul, Turkey during measles outbreak in Europe
Altuntas Aydin, O*; Senoglu, S; Kumbasar Karaosmanoglu, H; Yesilbag, Z; Aydin, A (Istanbul, Turkey)

P230Prescription patterns of comedication and potential for drug–drug interactions with ART in HIV patients in a retrospective claims database in Germany: implications for adequate HIV treatment selection
Lopes, S*; O’Day, K; Van Stiphout, J; Punekar, Y; Radford, M; Haas, J (London, UK)

P231Syphilis and HIV: characteristics of the co-infection in patients newly diagnosed with HIV
Abreu, I; Palma, P; Graça, L*; Filipe, R; Ruas, R; Branco, E; Caldas, C; Piñeiro, C; Soares, J; Tavares, M; Serrão, R; Sarmento, A (Porto, Portugal)

P233How are HIV patients dying?
Duarte, F*; Laranjinha, J; Correia de Abreu, R; Neves, I (Matosinhos, Portugal)

P234Inflammatory bowel diseases: a hidden comorbidity in people living with HIV?
Guardigni, V*; Scaioli, E; Coladonato, S; Fornaro, G; Piazza, G; Badia, L; Belluzzi, A; Vitale, S; Salice, M; Rizzello, F; Gionchetti, P; Calza, L; Verucchi, G (Bologna, Italy)

P235Benefit of an annual screening of comorbidities for people living with HIV in a day-care hospital
Bidouze, L; Michaud, M; Catros, F; Ancellin, S*; Bicart See, A; Garipuy, D; Fourcade, C; Bonnet, E; Obadia, M; Pouchelon, E; Fritsch, S; Martini, F; Violton, V; Charasson, T; Gautié, L; Gaches, F (Toulouse, France)

P236The coverage of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination among HIV-infected patients in Denmark: a cross-sectional survey
Larsen, L*; Nguyen, M; Johansen, I (Odense, Denmark)

P237The mental health of people living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific: a literature review
O’Doherty, E*; Kerr, S (Glasgow, UK)

P238The risk of upper respiratory tract bacterial infections among HIV-positive patients is higher for young MSM with detectable HIV RNA
Skrzat-Klapaczyńska, A*; Paciorek, M; Firląg-Burkacka, E; Kowalska, J; Horban, A (Warsaw, Poland)

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Viral Hepatitis

P239Early seroreversion after two doses of hepatitis A vaccination among HIV-positive patients who had achieved serological response: incidence and associated factors
Huang, S; Huang, C; Chen, T; Yang, C; Lin, S; Lee, Y; Wang, N; Lee, Y; Lin, K; Liu, C; Lu, P; Hung, C* (Hsin-Chu, Taiwan)

P240Current chronic hepatitis C treatment in HIV co-infection in Portugal: a cohort of 2,133 patients presented by GEPCOI (Portuguese Coinfection Study Group)
Miranda, A*; Mendez, J; Serrão, R; Vale, F; Manata, M; Pinto, S; Gomes, A; Prata, M; Pacheco, P; Pazos, R; Pereira, R; Martins, A; Germano, I; Rocha, S; Reis, A; Sarmento e Castro, R (Lisbon, Portugal)

P241Hepatitis C virus re-infection after viral clearance of HCV among HIV-positive patients with recent HCV infection in Taiwan
Huang, M*; Liu, W; Su, L; Wu, C; Wu, P; Yang, S; Zhang, J; Chang, H; Chang, S; Liu, C; Sun, H; Hung, C; Chang, S (Taipei, Taiwan)

P242How to identify HIV-positive men who have sex with men at risk for HCV re-infection: is a screening question about condom use sensitive enough?
Künzler-Heule, P*; Engberg, S; Battegay, M; Fierz, K; Schmidt, A; Hampel, B; Stöckle, M; Béguelin, C; Braun, D; Fehr, J; Nicca, D (Basel, Switzerland)

P243Comparative prevalence of hepatic steatosis and other metabolic conditions in treated hepatitis C cohorts, with or without HIV co-infection, in a London hospital
Lee, M*; Mok, J; Susanne, J; Church, L; Mohanadass, C; Vaidya, S; Wong, T; Kulasegaram, R; Peters, B; Duncan, A (London, UK)

P244HIV/hepatitis C co-infection in key populations from Romania: HepCare Europe – a model of management and service delivery
Oprea, C*; Ianache, I; Kosa, A; Popa, I; Florescu, S; Lazar, S; Calistru, P (Bucharest, Romania)

P245Increased total and LDL cholesterol plasma levels upon direct antiviral agents (DAAs) driven HCV eradication
Taliani, G*; Marchetti, G; Cingolani, A; Lichtner, M; Cicalini, S; Quiros Roldan, E; Ursitti, M; Girardi, E; Antinori, A; Puoti, M; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Cozzi-Lepri, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Rome, Italy)

P246Molecular determining of HIV-1 with the presence of hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus co-infections
Sayan, M*; Ozguler, M; Sarigul Yildirim, F; Yidirmak, T; Gündüz, A; Dokuzoğuz, B; Çelen, M; İnan, D; Heper, Y; Munis Ersoz, G; Karaoglan, İ; Ceran, N; Deveci, A; Ozturk, S; Sayin Kutlu, S; Ozkan Ozdemir, H; Akbulut, A; Yazici, S; Sener, A; Cagatay, A; Unal, S (Kocaeli and Nicosia, Turkey)

P247Estimation of HCV infection prevalence in a basic health area of Madrid (Spain)
Martínez-Sanz, J; Pérez Elías, P; Herrero Delgado, M; Barea, R; de la Fuente Cortés, Y; Vivancos Gallego, M; Moreno Zamora, A; Ares Blanco, S; Polo Benito, L; Mesa, A; Labrador Manzanares, C; González Huerga, P; Chamorro Escobar, C; Cano Espín, A; Fernández Rivera, A; Santos Álvarez, C; Rodríguez, M; Romero, B; Pérez-Elías, M* (Madrid, Spain)

P248Challenges in the micro-elimination of HCV in HIV co-infected individuals
Basoulis, D; Papadopoulou, M; Cholongitas, E; Kalamitsis, G; Daikos, G; Psichogiou, M* (Athens, Greece)

P249Increase in 10-year Framingham cardiovascular risk following HCV eradication with DAA-based therapy in HIV/HCV co-infected patients
Aldamiz-Echevarría, T*; Tejerina, F; Perez, L; Diez, C; Miralles, P; Lopez, J; Parras, F; Bellon, J (Madrid, Spain)

P250HBcAb positivity is an independent risk factor for HIV viral blips in HIV-HBV co-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy
Malagnino, V*; Cerva, C; Maffongelli, G; Teti, E; Foroghi Biland, L; Cesta, N; De Masi, M; Andreoni, M; Sarmati, L (Rome, Italy)

P251Risk of occult HBV infection reactivation in patients receiving ABC/3TC/DTG or FTC/TAF/EVG/c
Morrás, I; Gutiérrez, A; Mills, P; Moreno-Torres, V; De La Fuente, S; Folguera, C; Ángel-Moreno, A; Díaz-de Santiago, A* (Madrid, Spain)

P252Burden of HIV/hepatitis C co-infection in an inner-city sexual health clinic
Tomkins, A*; Lee, V (Salford, UK)

P253Clinical and virological characteristics of HIV-1-positive patients with delta hepatitis
Morsica, G*; Peano, L; Bagaglio, S; Poli, A; Messina, E; Vercesi, R; Hasson, H; Uberti-Foppa, C (Milan, Italy)

P254Use of urinary albumin as a marker of renal damage in patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with direct antiviral drugs
Granozzi, B*; Badia, L; Viotti, V; Guardigni, V; Viale, P; Verucchi, G (Bologna, Italy)

P255Measles outbreak: are our patients at risk? An audit of viral screening 2018
Cormack, I* (Croydon, UK)

P256Treatment of acute HCV infection with direct acting antivirals (DAA) in HIV patients
Gómez-Ayerbe, C*; Palacios, R; Téllez, F; Sayago, C; Ríos, M; Martín-Aspas, A; Camacho, A; Muñoz, L; Santos, J (Malaga, Spain)

P257Improving the care cascade of hepatitis C management among HIV-HCV co-infected persons by facilitating access to direct acting agents (DAAs): a real-life, single-centre experience
Protopapas, K*; Kazakou, P; Thomas, K; Kavatha, D; Chounta, A; Zampetas, G; Oikonomoulou, C; Moschopoulos, C; Papadopoulos, A; Antoniadou, A (Athens, Greece)

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Clinical Pharmacology

P258Using mechanistic physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models to assess prenatal drug exposure: thalidomide versus efavirenz as case studies
Atoyebi, S; Olagunju, A; Rajoli, R*; Adejuyigbe, E; Owen, A; Bolaji, O; Siccardi, M (Ile Ife, Nigeria)

P259Evaluation of the concentrations of psychotropic drugs in HIV-infected versus HIV-negative patients: potential implications for clinical practice
Cattaneo, D*; Baldelli, S; Resnati, C; Giacomelli, A; Meraviglia, P; Minisci, D; Astuti, N; Ridolfo, A; De Socio, G; Clementi, E; Galli, M; Gervasoni, C (Milan, Italy)

P260Pharmacokinetics (PK) of bictegravir (BIC) in combination with polyvalent cation containing (PVCC) antacids and supplements
Mathias, A*; Lutz, J; West, S; Xiao, D; Chuck, S; Martin, H; Quirk, E; Kearney, B (Foster City, USA)

P261Impact of mild, moderate and severe renal impairment and haemodialysis on temsavir pharmacokinetics following oral administration of fostemsavir, an attachment inhibitor for heavily treatment-experienced, HIV-1-infected patients
Moore, K*; Magee, M; Gunshenan, M; Sevinsky, H; Llamoso, C; Ackerman, P (Research Triangle Park, USA)

P262No clinically relevant effect of subject demographic or disease covariates on the exposures of bictegravir and tenofovir alafenamide following administration of a B/F/TAF fixed-dose combination to HIV-1-infected subjects
Lutz, J; Kirby, B; Shao, Y; Gao, Y; Quirk, E; Mathias, A* (Foster City, USA)

P263Using climate-HIV to describe non-antiretroviral use and potential DDIs for people living with HIV within a UK cohort
Okoli, C*; Khoo, S; Schwenk, A; Radford, M; Myland, M; Taylor, S; Darley, A; Barnes, J; Fox, A; Grimson, F; Reeves, I; Munshi, S; Croucher, A; Boxall, N; Paice, A; van Wyk, J; Benn, P (Middlesex, UK)

P264Lack of clinically relevant drug interactions between bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide and ledipasvir/sofosbuvir or sofosbuvir/velpatasvir/voxilaprevir
Garrison, K; Humeniuk, R*; West, S; Wei, L; Ling, J; Graham, H; Martin, H; Stamm, L; Mathias, A (Foster City, USA)

P265Assessment of anti-epileptic drug concentrations in HIV-infected patients: a real-life study
Cattaneo, D*; Baldelli, S; Minisci, D; Giacomelli, A; Meraviglia, P; Astuti, N; Fusi, M; Cozzi, V; Clementi, E; Galli, M; Gervasoni, C (Milan, Italy)

P266Pharmacokinetic analysis for darunavir in HIV-1-infected patients on the cobicistat-boosted darunavir regimen in an Italian observational, multicentre, prospective study (the TMC114FD1HTX4003 – ST.O.RE. study)
Focà, E*; Antinori, A; Ripamonti, D; Maserati, R; Rusconi, S; Rizzardini, G; Palma, M; Mancusi, D; Termini, R; Uglietti, A (Brescia, Italy)

P267Association of tenofovir level and discontinuation due to impaired renal function
Yagura, H*; Watanabe, D; Nakauchi, T; Tomishima, K; Nishida, Y; Yoshino, M; Yamazaki, K; Uehira, T; Shirasaka, T (Osaka, Japan)

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Community Initiatives

P268Effectiveness of a pilot partner notification programme (PNP) for new HIV cases (NHIVC) in Malaga, Spain
Gómez-Ayerbe, C*; González-Doménech, C; Viciana, I; Villalobos, M; Santos, J; Palacios, R (Malaga, Spain)

P270Stakeholders’ experiences of HIV patient engagement within the I-Score patient-reported outcome study: benefits and challenges
Lessard, D*; Engler, K; Vicente, S; Toupin, I; Cox, J; Kronfli, N; Routy, J; Lebouché, B (Montreal, Canada)

P272Improvement of intrinsic capacity in older adults living with HIV through a health promotion resource
Caselgrandi, A; Malagoli, A; Milic, J; Spencer, E; Gallagher, B; Lui, G; Cheung, C; Mancini, M; Masi, V; Bardi, E; Corni, M; Menozzi, M; Zona, S; Carli, F; Mussini, C; Guaraldi, G* (Modena, Italy)

P273Surveying Ontario nurses using the COM-B framework shows a high level of readiness for nurse-led PEP and PrEP
Clifford-Rashotte, M*; Lee, J; Fawcett, N; Fowler, B; Reinhart, J; Tan, D (Toronto, Canada)

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Models of Care

P275Exploring the correlation between price and affordability across 50 countries: is pricing of dolutegravir equitable?
Sim, J*; Hill, A (London, UK)

P276Improving attendance at a HIV clinic: a quality improvement project using a text message reminder service and analysis of a demographic database to tailor interventions
Holt, A; Van Aarsten, J; Chaponda, M; Winslow, H* (Liverpool, UK)

P278Romania in HIV/AIDS numbers 1985–2017: cascade of care in HIV/AIDS infection
Mardarescu, M*; Streinu-Cercel, A; Petrea, S; Iancu, M; Vitelaru, D; Vintila, S; Otelea, D; Schiopu, C; Mardarescu, A (Bucuresti, Romania)

P279The HIV MDT: safe and cost-effective?
Scott, N*; Torkington, A; Dancso, B; Johnson, L (Manchester, UK)

P280Stable+: why do HIV clinicians review virally stable patients?
Finlay, A; Hine, P*; Chaponda, M (Liverpool, UK)

P281Modelling the future need for adult protease inhibitors (PIs) in generic accessible (GA) low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in the context of dolutegravir (DTG) roll-out
Prabhu, V*; McGovern, S; Panos, Z (Boston, MA, USA)

P282Practices and challenges for a HIV infection model of care: the Australian experience
Smith, D*; Woolley, I; Russell, D; Bisshop, F; Furner, V (Sydney, Australia)

P283Progress with antiretroviral therapy in Russia
Pokrovskaya, A*; Ladnaia, N; Suvorova, Z; Yurin, O; Dementieva, L; Emerole, K; Pokrovsky, V (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P284Rapid initiation of ART following diagnosis of HIV among Medicaid beneficiaries: a real-world evaluation
Benson, C*; Emond, B; Romdhani, H; Dunn, K; Shohoudi, A; Tandon, N; Lefebvre, P (Titusville, USA)

P285Quality of life and experience of patients with HIV and other chronic diseases with a Spanish health system: insights from the IEXPAC project
Galindo, M*; Sanchez-Vega, N; Cotarelo, M; Rincon, O; Fuster, M (Valencia, Spain)

P286Does AIDS mortality increase in Russia in spite of growing ART coverage?
Pokrovsky, V*; Ladnaya, N; Dementieva, L (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P287The impact of co-payment ART cards on HIV biomarkers among persons with HIV followed at an ambulatory clinic: results from the McGill University Health Center, Montreal, Canada
Abulkhir, A; Lemire, B; Nitulescu, R; Engler, K; Pexos, C; Kronfli, N*; Klein, M; Cox, J; Lebouche, B (Montreal, Canada)

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Virology and Immunology

P288HIV DNA undetectability during chronic HIV infection: frequency and predictive factors
Nozza, S*; Galli, L; Gianotti, N; Galizzi, N; Poli, A; Cinque, P; Spagnuolo, V; Lazzarin, A; Tambussi, G; Castagna, A (Milan, Italy)

P289Ability of a real-time PCR to detect for the presence of HLA B*57:01 allele using DNA extracted from whole blood dried spots
Fofana, D; Calvez, V; Marcelin, A*; Maiga, A (Paris, France)

P290The effect of first-choice antiretroviral agents on mesenchymal stem cell commitment
De Rose, S*; Cazzaniga, A; Romeo, V; Maier, J; Rusconi, S (Milan, Italy)

P291Longitudinal analysis of proviral HIV-DNA
Heger, E; Peters, S; Onyuro, M; Kümmerle, T; Voigt, E; Di Cristanziano, V; Sierra, S*; Huesgen, L; Kulartz, H; Kaiser, R; Wyen, C; Knops, E (Cologne, Germany)

P292HLA-B*57:01 allele prevalence in Turkish HIV-infected patients and the value of real-time PCR allele testing compared with sequence specific primer technique
Inan, D*; Sayan, M; Deveci, A; Ucar, F (Antalya, Turkey)

P293Multicentre evaluation of two next-generation HIV-1 quantitation assays, Aptima Quant Dx and Cobas 6800, in comparison to the RealTime HIV-1 reference assay
Braun, P*; Wiesmann, F; Naeth, G; Däumer, M; Ehret, R; Kaiser, R; Noah, C; Obermeier, M; Schalasta, G; Tiemann, C; Wolf, E; Knechten, H (Aachen, Germany)

P294Week 48 resistance analyses of the once-daily, single-tablet regimen (STR) darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (D/C/F/TAF) in HIV-1-infected adults from the AMBER and EMERALD phase III trials
Lathouwers, E*; Wong, E; Brown, K; Baugh, B; Ghys, A; Jezorwski, J; Van Landuyt, E; Opsomer, M; De Meyer, S (Beerse, Belgium)

P295Clinical consequences of failing PI- and DTG-based two drug combinations versus PI- and INI-based triple therapies in HIV patients without previous virological failures
Calvez, V*; Armenia, D; Charpentier, C; Santoro, M; Soulie, C; Wirden, M; Perno, C; Descamps, D; Ceccherini-Silberstein, F; Marcelin, A (Paris, France)

P296Frequent detection of drug resistance mutations by deep sequencing in patients with documented extensive resistance and long-lasting viral suppression: the proviral DNA archive remains stable for decades
Hoffmann, C*; Thielen, A; Wolf, E; Bickel, M; Stoehr, A; Braun, P; Knechten, H; Esser, S; Wyen, C; Krznaric, I; Müller, M; Brust, J; Wasmuth, J; Horst, H; Holm, S; Däumer, M (Hamburg, Germany)

P297Factors associated with virological response and resistance profile in virologically suppressed HIV-1-infected patients switching to a dual therapy containing integrase inhibitors in clinical practice
Armenia, D; Gori, C; Forbici, F; Borghi, V; Gennari, W; Bertoli, A; Giannetti, A; Cicalini, S; Mondi, A; Colafigli, M; Lichtner, M; Andreoni, M; Mussini, C; Antinori, A; Ceccherini Silberstein, F; Perno, C; Santoro, M* (Rome, Italy)

P298High prevalence of previously undocumented baseline M184V/I does not affect virological outcome in virologically-suppressed patients switching to bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide from a boosted protease inhibitor-based regimen
Andreatta, K; Haubrich, R*; Willkom, M; Martin, R; Chang, S; Acosta, R; Liu, Y; Graham, H; Quirk, E; White, K (Foster City, USA)

P299Predicting two-drug antiretroviral regimen efficacy by genotypic susceptibility score: results from a cohort study
Rossetti, B*; Redi, D; Ciccullo, A; Lombardi, F; Paolucci, S; Bellazzai, L; Di Biagio, A; Penco, G; Lepore, L; Monno, L; Rusconi, S; Carli, T; Modica, S; Gagliardini, R; Zazzi, M; De Luca, A (Siena, Italy)

P300Prevalence of integrase inhibitor resistance mutation in patients with therapeutic failure
Viciana, I; Garcia-Perez, C; Gonzalez-Domenech, C*; Gomez-Ayerbe, C; Bardon, P; Palacios, R; Castaño, M; Del Arco, A; Tellez, F; Clavijo, E; Santos, J (Malaga, Spain)

P301Gp120 substitutions at ‘hot’ positions associated with resistance to fostemsavir in naïve HIV-1-positive individuals
Lepore, L*; Fabrizio, C; Milano, E; de Gennaro, N; Lagioia, A; Volpe, A; Scudeller, L; Saracino, A; Angarano, G; Monno, L (Bari, Italy)

P302Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 in South Russia and neighbouring regions
Schlösser, M; Kartashev, V; Mikkola, V; Shemsura, A; Kolpakov, D; Suladze, A; Tverdokhlebova, T; Saukhat, S; Kaiser, R; Heger, E; Knops, E; Böhm, M; Hutt, K; Sierra, S* (Köln, Germany)

P303Clinical impact of virological failure and resistance analysis definitions used in pivotal clinical trials of initial antiretroviral treatment: a systematic review
Álvarez, H*; Yzusqui, M; Llibre, J (Ferrol, Spain)

P304Impact of NRTI mutations on virological efficacy of antiretroviral regimens containing elvitegravir: an ARCA-ECCO cohort study
Gagliardini, R; Modica, S; Redi, D; Giombini, E; Bezenchek, A; Di Carlo, D; Maggiolo, F; Lombardi, F; Borghetti, A; Callegaro, A; Gismondo, M; Colafigli, M; Sterrantino, G; Costantini, A; Ferrara, S; Rusconi, S; Di Giambenedetto, S; Zazzi, M; De Luca, A*; Rossetti, B; Gianotti, N (Siena, Italy)

P305Resistance mutations to protease inhibitors in proviral DNA of HIV-2-infected patients predict response to treatment
Martin, F*; Martins, A; Maia, F; Rocha, C; Borrego, P; Antunes, F; Caldeira, L; Valadas, E; Taveira, N (Lisbon, Portugal)

P306Evaluation of the application of HIV-1 genotypic drug resistance in treatment-naïve patients in Taiwan where single-tablet regimens are used as the first-line regimens
Chang, S*; Lin, P; Chang, S; Su, L; Su, Y; Liu, W; Hung, C (Taipei, Taiwan)

P307Next-generation sequencing (NGS) in routine HIV-1 resistance diagnostic: frequency of additional resistance-relevant mutations in 2% and 1% population proportions correlated to viral load and additional patient follow-ups
Ehret, R*; Moritz, A; Breuer, S; Obermeier, M (Berlin, Germany)

P308Quiescent profile of T cells from Colombian MSM with extremely high-risk sexual behaviours and HIV-1 specific CTL response
Ossa-Giraldo, A*; Blanquiceth, Y; Contreras, K; Flórez, L; Hernández, J; Zapata, W (Medellin, Colombia)

P309Cost-effective Sanger sequencing assay for detecting HIV-1 drug resistance mutations in major group-M subtypes in resource-limited settings
Clyde, K*; Chen, S; Wong, A; Tracy, L; Williams, S (South San Francisco, USA)

P310Transmission of HIV drug resistance in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010–2017
Turner, D*; Girshengorn, S; Tau, L; Shasha, D; Rapaport, S; Katchman, E; Avidor, B (Tel Aviv, Israel)

P311Comparison of viral replication below 50 copies/mL for two-drug (DTG+RPV) versus three-drug current antiretroviral regimen (CAR) therapy in the SWORD-1 and SWORD-2 studies
Underwood, M*; Angelis, K; Wang, R; Wynne, B; Blair, E; Kahl, L; Vincent, T; Koteff, J; Aboud, M (Research Triangle Park, USA)

P312HPV-mediated cytological abnormalities and high-risk HPV genotypes associated with altered gut microbiota composition and function in cART-treated HIV-positive males
Merlini, E*; Tincati, C; Pandolfo, A; Cassani, B; Bai, F; Ancona, G; Barassi, A; Bulfamante, G; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Marchetti, G (Milan, Italy)

P313Comparison of viral replication for two-drug (DTG+RPV) versus three-drug current antiretroviral regimen (CAR) in the SWORD-1 and SWORD-2 studies
Wang, R*; Underwood, M; Koteff, J; Angelis, K; Wynne, B; Blair, E; Kahl, L; Vincent, T; Aboud, M (Research Triangle Park, USA)

P314Association of new HIV diagnoses within long-lived transmission clusters from the Malaga area (Spain)
Viciana Ramos, I; González Domenech, C*; Sena Corrales, G; Gómez Ayerbe, C; Villalobos, M; Ojeda, G; Nuño, E; Clavijo, E; Palacios Muñoz, R; Santos, J (Granada, Spain)

P315HIV-1 diversity in the Moscow region, Russia: phylodynamics of the most common subtypes
Lebedev, A; Lebedeva, N; Moskaleychik, F; Pronin, A; Kazennova, E; Bobkova, M* (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P316Effects of immune checkpoint inhibitors on HIV reservoirs and responses in patients with HIV-associated cancers
Forni, J*; Dalla-Pria, A; Ma, W; Liu, M; Immani, N; Evans, J; Newson-Davis, T; Brock, C; Xu, X; Bower, M (London, UK)

P317Western blot in treated people with HIV-1 chronic infection: frequency of negative HIV-1 pol genes
Rinaldi, F*; Rolla, S; Galli, L; Andrea, P; Bigoloni, A; Muccini, C; Mastrangelo, A; Nozza, S; Tavano, C; Clementi, M; Lazzarin, A; Bartoloni, A; Castagna, A (Florence, Italy)

P318Transient viral load increase in HIV-1-infected patients treated with the cobicistat-boosted darunavir regimen in an Italian observational, multicentre, prospective study (the TMC114FD1HTX4003 / ST.O.RE. study)
Rusconi, S*; Ripamonti, D; Gori, A; Antinori, A; Palma, M; Mancusi, D; Uglietti, A; Termini, R (Milan, Italy)

P319Persistent outbreak of the HIV-1 CRF19_cpx variant in treatment-naïve MSM patients in the Malaga area (Spain)
Viciana Ramos, I; González Domenech, C*; Mayorga, M; De La Torre Lima, J; Gómez Ayerbe, C; Castaño, M; Del Arco, A; Palacios Muñoz, R; Santos, J (Granada, Spain)

P320HIV-1 subtype diversity and international travel in Romanian people who inject drugs
Jipa, R*; Paraschiv, S; Banica, L; Otelea, D; Manea, E; Nicolae, I; Abagiu, A; Hristea, A (Bucharest, Romania)

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